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L-elezzjonijiet Ewropej 2014

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  • European Commission: what Juncker's new team will be working on
    The new European Commission will start its five-year term on 1 November, but what will it be working on? President Jean-Claude Juncker has already announced a €300 billion investment plan, but there will be many other plans that will have to be scrutinised and voted on by the European Parliament before they can enter into force. There are also plans inherited from the previous Commission that have to be dealt with, from roaming charges to banking reforms. Read on to find out what is coming up.
     Aqra iktar dwar dan: European Commission: what Juncker's new team will be working on 
  • ABC of the EU institutions
    What does the Parliament do and what are the responsibilities of the Commission? What do we mean with the European Council and how is it different from the Council of the European Union? Read our infographic for a brief guide to the EU's institutions.
     Aqra iktar dwar dan: ABC of the EU institutions 
  • The new European Commission in figures
    The new European Commission led Jean-Claude Juncker has today been approved by the European Parliament, but how is it composed? Check out our infographic to find out more about the gender balance as well as the commissioners' political experience and average age.
     Aqra iktar dwar dan: The new European Commission in figures 
  • New European Commission: the commissioners and their portfolios
    The new European Commission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker, has now been formally elected by the European Parliament in Strasbourg with 423 votes in favour, 209 against and 67 abstentions. It will starts its five-year term on 1 November. Find out more about its composition, the new commissioners and their portfolios in our infographic.
     Aqra iktar dwar dan: New European Commission: the commissioners and their portfolios 
  • EP votes on the new European Commission
    MEPs decide today whether to approve the new European Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker. In a debate before the vote, they can also say what they think about Juncker’s plans as Commission president for the next five years. As part of European Commission election process, all candidate commissioners were questioned by MEPs to assess if they were fit for the job. Now the Parliament has the final say. Watch the vote live on our website.
     Aqra iktar dwar dan: EP votes on the new European Commission 
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